Photography and Sports

Clipping out the time. Bet everything on just one moment. Photography and sports have a lot of things in common, especially on the point focusing on the "moment".
What I desire to do through my photos as the clipping out the moment, I want you to witness the great scenes of sports, and the precious moment where my photo comes across with the strength of human body.

The Photos of Takemi Art Sports

What is in your mind when you click on the shutter button of your camera? In my head, there are always 4 important things I described below. Those are my thoughts and passions for my photography. Plus, it is always the challenge to myself at the same time.

"People and Emotion" - Burn "people's emotions" onto "Photography"
"Brightness and Darkness" - Making "sports" more vivid by the contrast of "Brightness and Darkness"
"Beauty and Power" - Give a shape to "Beauty" and "Power" of athletes through my camera
"The Moment and Space" - Clip out "the moment" that you are facing, and give life to the "Space" that you belong to.

What Sports photography means to me

The most important aspect of a great photo is its ability to touch your heart. "Influence to all of your hearts"...these words have always been my starting point. When my photography creates even a tiny bit of feeling and thought to the person who sees it, my life becomes richer. It has been, and will always be, my greatest pleasure getting people interested in, and involved with, photography and sports - for the world and for you.